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Subscriptions breed financial complexities, Let Zuora automate them

As your business model shifts from selling one-time products to selling subscriptions, the way you process transactions becomes inherently more complex. Keep your team lean and efficient by using Zuora to automate your recurring billing, payments, revenue and month-end close processes.

Bill your way: upfront, in-arrears, when service is delivered, or as used

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Collect payments using any payment gateway or method of your choice

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Assign different revenue recognition rules for every product and service you sell

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Automatically post summarized journal entries or send detailed transactions directly to your GL

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move fast while staying compliant

With all the fast moving parts that come with subscription businesses, you want to make sure you’re in consistent audit compliance.
Zuora was built to meet the strictest of financial compliance standards. Over 800 public and private companies of all sizes trust us to keep them compliant and adaptable to the ever-changing regulations.

Guide and optimize your model with the right metrics

Embracing the subscription business model means turning your transactional customers into long-term subscribers. This new model requires you to measure the health and performance of your business using a whole new set of non-GAAP metrics based on a deep understanding of your subscribers.

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monitor business health and performance

Subscription metrics are incredibly hard to get when your customer data is buried everywhere. Zuora provides key subscription metrics right out of the box and allows you to drill into the underlying subscriber behavior driving key outcomes such as churn. Zuora is the only solution that combines your financial data with your subscriber behavior data. With Zuora’s analytics capabilities, you can:

  • Intuitively customize reports
  • Save, schedule, and share reports
  • Monitor the health of individual subscribers
  • Group subscribers by common traits and behaviors

"When we were looking to implement Zuora, the main goal that we needed to solve for early on was scalability, to be able to support tremendous growth in a short period of time.”

– Bart Hacking, CFO, BetterCloud